Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Maybe a Better Alternative

So I got my room assignment from BSU today and Im in a first year hall with a roomate. ICK. And i'm required to purhase a meal plan in that particular hall. So I called the housing office to find out what I could do to get into the University Suites.

Well if you guys dont know, BSU is extremely over booked as far as housing students is concerned. There is a huge shortage for housing this year, and that contributed to why i didnt get my top three choice on the application. The lady I spoke with out me on the wait list, so we have until july to figure out if we can get a room there or if we will be looking for another way of housing. My next top choice would be to get an apartment, by myself. The apartments Im looking into would be called the Civic Plaza apartments, theyre section 8 housing, so low income housing and would cost less then the first year hall would cost with the meal plan for the full year! Im kind of excited about it, because if this is the way that we go, it would be so much fun to have my own apartment and whatnot.

Anywaysss, thats all i have to updates and whatnot, Ill keep you update on the admission status and housing status.

Lets hope I get the University Suites or the Civic Plaza Apartments. <333


Aubrey Anne said...

Well I just got done catching up with the last 3 posts.. you're a busy girl! I'm so glad you did well on the ACT (who needs math, anyway? That's what I always say!) and you're able to work a schedule you enjoy. If only we could all be so lucky! I'm sending hopeful thoughts your way about the apartment thing... Good luck!