Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's a new week

What a waste of a weekend. Let me tell you, I took the ACT on Saturday, it took 5 and 1/2 hours, and by the time I got home, I was so tired that I spent the day in my bed, watching Dawson's Creek, and being really lazy. I figured I was allowed to be a little lazy considering I am draining myself silly with school at the moment.

The math part was terrible. I haventeen in school for almost three years, and I didnt take a math class my senior year, and I couldnt answer more then half of the questions. I did guess, but I really dont think that is going to do me much good when it comes to the scoring process. I did, however, do really good on the English and Reading portions of the test, which I wasnt too suprised about.

I'm starting a new shift at work this week, I will be working from 1:45pm to 5:45pm Monday through Friday, which will be nice, I have a new Team Leader who is really nice and hopefully will continue helping me excel at my job currently.

Speaking of Directv, I just celebrated my one ear anniversary at the company, which is considerable, but went so quickly. I got a raise and a tenure pin. Chances are I will be there through out my schoo career, up until it comes time to do my student teaching (by then I will probably be substituting because I wont be taking classes durin the day, so I will continue ith Directv for another 3 years, or maybe 6 if I get my Masters without teaching first.

It's been kind of an off week. I wont go into the gory details but a depressing one to say the least. I think I'm just very drained from being so busy with school and midterms. Alot of people have come in and out of my life but the one person I didnt expect exited this week and Im kind of sad about it. But I continue to have people in my life that are there for me, and who always will be.

Heres hoping this week is a little less busy, and a little more positive. The glass is half full from this day going forward.

We need not destroy the past. It is gone. ~John Cage