Monday, March 17, 2008

Sleep Deprevation

It's officially finals week.

Last night, I was up until 4:30am working on preparing my final for Wednesday for my School Law class. BRUTAL, bt it actually turned out really nice, and I really showed my artisitic side.

Im getting ready to take 4 classes for next semester.

Consmer Behavior
Educational Technoloy
Intro to Theatere
Im really excited to come to Salt Lake City in April for my grandmas birthday. I havent been down there for a while, and it will be a really nice vacation from work.

Ive also got a big trip coming up in July to Seattle for the Red Sox. My dad has gotten me into baseball and ive pretty much become a cynical fan now.

Ive been taking some photos that Im kind of proud of. Photography is wonderful, I dont claim that Im good at it, but its something that I really enjoy.


Mom said...

Way to to the pictures you took..and Baseball? Who would have thunk? Glad you're coming down in April. Maybe we'll thaw out by then! I'm so done with snow I could scream! Life looks good from Nampa, Idaho.
Auntie Carolyn

Aubrey Anne said...

You should be proud of it! Those pictures are gorgeous. I'm jealous you'll be in Utah in April... If only I could be there too!