Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wake Up Call

I had an appointment with an advisor from Boise State this morning, and it actually wasnt even worth the drive out there.

I dont see the light of day at 730 in the morning. I am not a morning person.

So my morning started off badly, my alarm didnt go off so I had to take a shower in seconds. There was rush hour traffic, and on top of everything else, they didnt even tell me where to go, and the campus is huge.

Finally I parked in the nearest parking lot I could find, and pulled out my map of the campus and learned that I was near the administration building, and I figured that was the safest place to get put in the right direction.

Lucky me, I got there right as a class change was happening, so it was super busy! but that made it exciting, because it actually put me there, walking to class, in the rain.

I of course went to the wrong building and finally made it o the right building and met with an advisor named Gaylord. It was not too helpful, I ended up having alot of questions to ask and they got answered in a vauge manner.

I ended up taking the COMPASS test, which is just a placement test the college uses to place into Core classes for the semester. Well I took the writing, and its on a scale of 0 to 100, and I got a 94. Writing and Reading are my strong suites. So I skipped the main English class, and got immediatly placed into an upperdivision english. YAY for me!

But then I find out that I have to take the ACT before I can do anything. Ive been out of school for almost tree years, I do not know how Im going to take this test and actually do well. This is a adventure that Im not sure Im excited about.

And to top a very stressful day off, I got a parking ticket. yeah. AWESOME!

What a day.
Tomorrow, Im sleeping in. :)


michelle p said...

Emily....congrats on all the school accomplishments you have had lately...good job! Bet that feels good....glad I found your blog..i hope to see you in April...

Aubrey Anne said...

Congrats!!! I'm hoping for the same placement when it comes to English, we definitely share the same strength there. I'm probably going to be told to go right back to the 5th grade when it comes to taking the math test though!! lol Pick up a book on the ACT before you take it and STUDY! It will be worth it I promise.