Wednesday, March 19, 2008

TVCC is a sly institution

It was registration today for spring 2008, my tuititon was 1,118 for the TRIMESTER.

When I first started looking into schools and where I wanted to go to school, it seemed that everyone was telling me that I should go to TVCC because its so much cheaper then BSU or any other university for that matter.

They do fail, however, to tell you that TVCC is on a trimester system, so instead of Fall/Winter and then Spring, theres Fall, then Winter, then Spring. an they bill you per semester. Which works out to be close to 4,000, which is really close to what BSU's tuition is going to be per year.

On a lighter note, I am obsessed with Wal-marts five dollar movies. Now, dont get me wrong, I dont lik wal mart in the slightest, but their five dollar movies, those are wonderful. I think I have this thing with buying DVD's in the first place. Cheap DVD's are even better.

I'm reading this great book right now, its called Pledged. Its about this Sorority, and the deep dark secrets that actual sororities go through. Its nonfiction, and actually really interesting. I need to start reading again, I miss that hobby of mine.

Busy Day, as it probably will be for the next 6 years of my life.


jessicaann said...

the ACT is fairly easy, take the writing portion though. i didnt study and pulled off like a 23 (which isnt fabulous but its pretty good) and scored in the 99% percentile of the US on the writing portion, so you should be beyond fine if you study at all hah

jessicaann said...

this should have been posted on the blog above this one, idk what happened haha